There are only a few important rules to remember. They are as follows

  1. Respect. This just means to treat others the way you yourself wish to be treated. In addition hostility towards guests or the administration will not be tolerated.
  2. Hate Speech and Terms of Disparagement (also called Derogatory Language, Put Downs, and Insults) are considered offensive and degrading to many people. It'd help to keep this in mind.
  3. If you are linking anything that is not work safe, please make it clear by placing "NWS," or "NSFW" on the same line as the link. Linking to shock sites will not be tolerated (if you don't know what this is, ask an op).
  4. Remember, the ops will always have final say over the rules and guidelines. What they say is what you should listen to. None of them want to babysit, but they will make judgements that they feel will keep the chat room in order.
  5. Use basic "netiquette." Type out full words, no spamming, don't type in all caps, etc.
  6. Keep ranting to a minimum. If it gets annoying, the ops will cut it off using any means necessary.
  7. Please don't come in just to plug your site. It doesn't give you a very good image. At least participate in some discussion as well.
  8. It is EVERYONE'S job to make people feel welcome in the chat room.
  9. Roleplaying is encouraged. However, we ask that you keep things around PG-13, and allow anyone to get involved. If it gets exclusive to a few people, feel free to transition it to another channel or PM. Also, respect the right of people to choose not to roleplay.
  10. This channel isn't teamspeak. Please do not use #wyvrncity to coordinate games. There are other, better methods for that. Additionally, video game conversations, while not encouraged, are allowed as long as no one objects. Many members don't play video games and are in this channel to avoid talk of them.

Remember, this room welcomes people of all races, beliefs, backgrounds, orientations, countries, and walks of life. Please do your best to help us continue to keep this community a pleasant and safe place for everyone. These rules are only in place to help keep order to the channel, not to restrict your fun.

Even though we do strive to provide freedom in speech and beliefs, if your beliefs do cause you to come at odds with the community, you may be asked to leave while you are causing problems.